Online Calculators. 8 types of calculators available

1. Convert / Write out Numbers in Text. 7 available calculators:

1.1. Convert natural & decimal numbers to US American English words

1.2. Write out USD currency check amounts in words

1.3. Write out USD currency amounts of money in words

1.4. How to write ordinal numerals in English words

1.5. Convert the date to American and British English words

1.6. Years to American and British English words

1.7. Telling (the) time in English words

2. Numbers Percentages. 9 available calculators:

2.1. Calculate percentages of numbers

2.2. Convert (write) percent values to decimal, integer or whole numbers

2.3. Percentage of what number equals the given value?

2.4. What percentage of the first number equals the second?

2.5. Convert decimal numbers and fractions to percentages

2.6. Relative percentage change

2.7. Relative percentage decrease

2.8. Increase numbers by percentage of value, calculate percentage increase

2.9. Decrease numbers by percentage of value, calculate percentage decrease

3. Sales Tax. 2 available calculators:

3.1. Add (Charge) Sales Tax to Listed Prices to Get Tax Inclusive Value

3.2. Reverse Calculate the Sales Tax, Calculate the Amount of Contained Tax

4. Value Added Tax (VAT). 3 available calculators:

4.1. Add sales tax or VAT, calculate the tax inclusive value

4.2. Extract VAT, calculate value without the charge (tax free)

4.3. Recalculate value with a different new VAT

5. Compund Interest, Investement Future Value, Simple Interest. 2 available calculators:

5.1. Calculator: Compound Interest & Future Investement Value

5.2. Calculator: The Simple Flat Rate Interest

6. Leap Years. 1 available calculator:

6.1. Is it a leap year? Last leap year before & next leap year after this year

7. Basic mathematical operations. 3 available calculators:

7.1. Adding numbers calculator: calculate the sum and learn how to add

7.2. Subtracting numbers calculator: calculate the difference and learn how to subtract

7.3. Calculator: Rounding off Positive and Negative Numbers to Whole or Decimal Places

8. Simple Interest. 4 available calculators:

8.1. Calculate simple flat rate interest on a principal borrowed, lent

8.2. Investment duration for earning a due simple flat rate interest

8.3. Annual simple interest rate to negociate in order to earn a certain interest

8.4. Principal amount to invest in order to get a certain simple flat rate interest